Our school is a partner of Eduroam.

The eduroam federation is an international project dealing with the support of mobility and roaming in national research and education networks. In the Czech Republic, this project is covered by the CESNET association. Our school joined this project in 2021. Another step in increasing the quality of the study and the prestige of the institution was taken.

One account. Anywhere.

A registered subscriber can use this wireless network (wherever it is available) with one user account. The account is managed by the parent (founding) organisation.

Using roaming is simple. A propely set up subscriber´s device connects automatically as soon as the eduroam network is available. It is similar to connecting to foreign networks of mobile operators within roaming. Hence the acronym: education roaming.

The service is free for all participants.

Activation of the account.

Eduroam uses a username consisting of two parts – the username itself and realm. Your will add the @ an zsbs.cz behind your usual username you use with other school platforms. You will also set up a password before using the roaming.


Setting up the user devices for connecting to eduroam.

To connect securely to eduroam, it si not enough to just enter your username and password. You must also set up a certificate control. The easiest way to do so is using eduroam CAT, see the documentation on eduroam.cz

You will also need the following information for manual setup:

  • network name (SSID): eduroam
  • connection protocol: 802.1x
  • Security and encryption: WPA2 / AES
  • authentication: PEAP (alternatively TTLS)
  • Internal authentication protocol: MS-CHAPv2
  • RADIUS server name: radius.zsbs.cz
  • Certification Authority: DigiCert Assured ID Root CA.
  • The IP address is assigned automatically via DHCP


Covered areas

Eduroam is broadcasted on school premises. Acces to the school premises is allowed during class.


Traffic filtering

The operation of school pupils is filtered in accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic. The traffic of visitors is not interfered with in any way, with the exception of filtering outgoing SMTP traffic (TCP / 25), use the services SMTPS (TCP / 465) or Submision (TCP / 587) to send mail.



Users of our school can contact eduroam@szbs.cz

Visitors with the eduroam account should seek support primarily at their parental organisation, meaning the one that provided them with the account.